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Fish Care

Do You Know How to Care for Your Betta?

Fun fact! You should never feed your betta peas. Betta are obligate carnivores and cannot digest the heavy plant matter.

Tank Size [ 5 gal + ]

In the wild betta are found in tropical rice paddies and in river basins amongst heavy vegetation. Here at Bettaful Aquatics we recommend a minimum of a 5 gallon tank or up. The bigger the better! Since betta are labyrinth breathers, keep in mind horizontal space is better than vertical so they have plenty of swimming room and can easily reach the surface.

Temperature [ 78 - 82 F ]

As stated above, betta splendens are found in tropical waters. This means that they require a water temperature between 78-82 F (25.5-27 C). We advise a submersible heater that has a temperature gage so that you can regulate the temp for your fishy friend! 

Filter [ Required ]

Contrary to popular belief, even though betta are labyrinth breathers they do still need a filter just like any fish. Filters remove debris from the water, help to oxygenate the water, assist in filtering ammonia and nitrates, and are an excellent surface for beneficial bacteria to live. While betta can survive by only getting oxygen from the surface, they thrive with a properly filtered tank.

Betta Care Resources

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